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What if we were all wrong?

This past Wednesday our hearts broke as we watched the infiltration of our nation's capital building by extremists. Many cried "I want my subscription to 2021 back" after seeing the mayhem that unfolded in Washington D.C. But the worst part about all of this is that, "it was done in Jesus' name"...

Now don't get me wrong, I am a conservative. But that label needs a point of clarification. By referring to myself as a conservative, I mean that I vote for values that are based upon Biblical principles. Since most of the candidates that are part of the Conservative party generally hold to policies that are based upon Biblical principles, that would make me a conservative. But here is a much needed disclaimer, since I find my values in God's Word, I am willing to cross party lines based upon the values of each candidate.

But this is the point we must make, as a Christian, we are Christians over conservatives. The last time I checked, the word "republican" was not in the Scriptures. Being a republican does not automatically equate Christianity, being a Donald Trump supporter does not equate righteousness, and the constitution is not parallel to the Bible.

Now before people start tuning me out, I want everyone to know that I am a patriot. I love the United States of America. I praise God for our freedom. I have lost family members in the battles for our freedom. I am grateful to our men and women that protect us. I do my responsibility of voting, paying my taxes, contributing to society, praying for our nation and authority, and being the best citizen that I possibly can be through God's grace. But NONE of that overrides my responsibility to Christ.

I firmly believe that Satan has used politics this year to distract the Christian people. I have seen friends boldly proclaim "freedom in the name of Jesus" when their claim is not based upon the principles of Scripture. This has resulted in hurting their relationship with other believers as well as unbelievers.

Folks, our politics do NOT define who we are as followers of Christ. Our loyalty lies in Christ! Will all Christians agree on every minute political policy? No! And that's ok. It's the Bible that's our ultimate authority, not the constitution. The New Testament church was full of Gentiles and Jews, two groups on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, that were united together through the power of the Gospel.

My question for our dear Christian brothers and sisters is this.... before you post something, say something, or stand for something, you must ask yourself- "Is this setting up an obstacle for sharing the Gospel with others?" Is the Gospel offensive, absolutely. So we certainly don't need to add another obstacle to the power and working of the Gospel.

My prayer is that instead of Christians identifying with Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or their political party- they would identify with Christ. Last time I checked, Christ died for all people- not just a certain political party.

My friend Adrian Burden spoke on the important subject of race and culture as it pertains to the Gospel. Watch and listen below. Begin at 19:35:

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